Kirtland Records


Tom Shoptaw - singer/songwriter
John Kirtland - producer/musician


Tami Thomsen
Kirtland Records
3100 Main St. Suite 347
Dallas, TX 75226
(214) 824-7700


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Rambler High is a project that has grown from the relationship between singer/songwriter Tom Shoptaw and John Kirtland producer/musician. Tom and John started recording Tom's acoustic material using keyboards and drum machines to flesh out the songs. A fellow musician friend of John's heard a track and asked to play piano, from there a casual open door policy of local musicians contributing spoken word, cello, female duets, fretless bass, flute, etc. began to complete the songs in way that was fresh and intimate. Along the way, fueled by an appreciation for ambient groove and electronic sounds and beats, Tom has partnered with old friend Chris Shively, a New Orleans/Denton, Texas musician who brings a complete array of ambient soundscapes, beats, and electronic textures. The result is the new album, 'The Long Hitchhike to California', A gentle blend of acoustic and electronic that sweeps you along from the straight forward delivery of Tom's lyrically intense confessional tunes to detours into dance rythms- a perfect driving companion album, and an album that grows more dear with each new listen...not a rocker, but a calmer.


Rambler High
The Long Hitchhike to California


Album Title: The Long Hitchhike to California
Label: Kirtland Records
Catalog Number: KR-
Release Date: TBA
Format: CD
Type: Full